Tree trimming

Simply Tree Care providing tree services including tree trimming and tree removal in Omaha NE

Maintenance tree pruning to elevate branches off roof.

We Care About Our Environment

That's why 100% of our tree trimming and tree removal byproducts are recycled into mulch.  Just another way Simply Tree Care of Omaha keeps your trees happy and healthy!

Proper tree trimming can improve the health, safety and appearance of your trees.  There are many reasons you may need to have trimming or pruning services performed on your trees. These services are necessary if your trees are crowding nearby structures such as dwellings, driveways, or power lines, if they have low hanging branches that violate city street and sidewalk codes or if they have dead, hazardous branches hanging in the canopy. 

When assessing your trees, our ISA Certified Arborist will look for areas that need trimming which include dead or dying limbs, crossing limbs that are rubbing together, and stubs left in the tree from fallen branches. 

At Simply Tree Care we use proper tree trimming techniques so that each cut will heal correctly and close off from insects and diseases.  We never use tree spikes or gaffs when performing tree trimming services as this can cause unnecessary damage to the tree.  Once our work is completed, all tree trimming debris will be cleaned up and fully removed leaving your yard and landscaping undisturbed. 



A before and after of maintenance tree pruning to elevate branches off of a roof for an Omaha NE customer

Tree Trimming

  • Trees and shrubs of all sizes
  • Maintenance pruning & shaping
  • Canopy cleaning & thinning
  • Low branch elevation
  • Hazard reduction
  • No spiking technique