Simply Tree Care providing tree services including tree trimming and tree removal in Omaha NE



Before & after tree removal.

Our commitment is to care for the health and beauty of your trees.  However, there are times when trees and shrubs may need to be removed from your property.  Simply Tree Care of Omaha uses modern climbing and roping techniques to safely remove trees from tight access areas without damaging your yard or nearby structures such as dwellings, sheds, or fences.

When assessing a potential tree removal, our ISA Certified Arborist will take into account the many factors that determine the cost of tree removal including access to the site, procedures required to reduce disturbances to the surrounding landscape, obstacles and hazards, and your specific concerns to name a few.  In addition to meeting your needs, our goal is to provide you with a high level of service by completing your tree removal in a safe manner with a thorough clean up of all debris and to cause minimal impact to your landscaping.

Simply Tree Care specializes in tree and stump removal in Omaha, NE and surrounding areas.  We also offer other services relating to tree and shrub removal including brush chipping services and landscape debris and wood hauling services.

A before and after picture of the tree removal for a customer in Omaha NE

We Care About Our Environment

That's why 100% of our tree trimming and tree removal byproducts are recycled into mulch.  Just another way Simply Tree Care of Omaha keeps your trees happy and healthy!


Tree & Stump Removal

Tree & Stump Removal

  • Complete tree removal
  • Specialize in limited access areas
  • No disruption to surrounding structures or landscaping
  • Complete, spot free clean-up
  • Brush chipping services